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Flipstick Carrying Case, Black, Blue, Green

A carrying case with a 40" strap for your Flipstick Foldaway products. All Fold Away Flipsticks come..


Flipstick Ferrule (tip)

19mm package of two (2) for the non-adjustable Flipstick. Color Black.30mm = 1 3/16" inches 25mm =..


Flipstick Ferrule (tip)

22mm package of two (2) for the adjustable Flipstick. Color Black...


Adjustable Extention Replacement for FS-02 and FS-04

Adjustable Foot Replacement for FS-02 or FS-04 Series Flipsticks...


Bottle Clip

Our Bottle clip is designed to snap on the neck of your water bottle. It can then comfortably hang..


Flipstick Foldaway Strap

14" containment strap for the backpacker that has a problem with an additional carying case. It i..


Turf Spike for 19 mm shaft (non Adjustable)

Push-fit polycarbonate spike for model 01 and 03 Flipstick. Replaces rubber ferrule. Not suitable..