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Original -9%


Flipstick OriginalThe Original Flipstick is a dual purpose walking stick/seat, consisting of a tubul..

$49.50 $45.00
Original XL -9%

Original XL

Flipstick Original, Extra Long: Model 01-XLThe Flipstick Original Extra Long is a dual purpose walki..

$52.95 $48.00
Original, Adjustable -9%

Original, Adjustable

Flipstick Original, Adjustable Model 02 - BThe Original Adjustable Flipstick has been specifically d..

$53.95 $49.00
Original XL, Adjustable -9%

Original XL, Adjustable

Flipstick, Original, Adjustable, Model 02-XLThe Flipstick Original Adjustable Extra Long has been sp..

$55.95 $51.00
Foldaway, Regular -9%

Foldaway, Regular

The Flipstick Foldaway is a dual purpose walking stick/seat, made with 4 interlocking aluminium tube..

$71.50 $65.00
Foldaway Short -9%

Foldaway Short

Foldaway, Model 03-SHORTThe Flipstick Foldaway SHORT is a dual purpose walking stick/seat, made with..

$71.50 $65.00
Foldaway, Adjustable -9%

Foldaway, Adjustable

Foldaway Adjustable, Model 04Designed specifically for multiple users or to be given as a gift, this..

$75.95 $69.00