Special Editions

  Special Edition Flipsticks

Flipsticks make an ideal corporate gift, innovative and different at a competitive price nothing really touches it. Our product will make a golf day or visit to a sporting event unforgettable; your guests will take away something that they will value and use again and again; a priceless opportunity for you.

Available in numerous colors and with the ability to personalize it with your logo on the seat. The recipient will take a little of your company wherever they may go in the future.

Flipsticks are different, well designed, easy to use, robust and reliable, manufactured with the latest technology, but finished by a human for the personal touch. Our product has many qualities that enhance those of our customers' businesses.

You won't be alone in choosing Flipstick as a corporate gift. You will be in good company, as many international companies have chosen our product to be their corporate gift, including Banks, food manufacturers and technology companies.


Flipstick Original

Flipstick Original  XL


              Seat Colors available:

                                        Black, Green, Navy Blue, Day-Glow Green, Bright Red, Yellow, Bright Pink, Pearlescent White, and Royal Blue                                

              Stem Colors available:

                                          Black, Forrest Green, Navy Blue

Organizations Logo created and installed on the seat


              Organization name designed and installed on the lower stem