Introducing Flipstick

Your Flipstick will allow you to travel anywhere, attend events and spend time out with the family without having to worry about seating.

Outstanding Design

Our revolutionary design takes the concept of a classic traditional shooting stick then removes the weight to make it an ultra-portable walking cane. Your Flipstick is made in Evesham, UK using the best materials and assembled by their own engineers. This ensures every one meets our high standards of quality.

Quality First

Your Flipstick is made in Evesham, UK using the best materials and assembled by our own engineers. This ensures every one meets our high standards of quality. We are proud to produce tens of thousands of sticks each year through Flipsticks UK production facility. Each and every one is inspected by an uncompromising human eye. All of the FlipStick team know how much our customers value the comfort and freedom our products provide and as a team we strive to emulate this.

DeVersified Innovations Domestic Warranty

Your Flipstick comes with a 1 year hassle free replacement warranty directly from DeVersified Innovations. It also includes a free sizing service should your Flipstick Original or Fold-Away walking stick's height need to be shortened. Sizing usually is not required for most users over 5'3" in height.

Flipstick Trimming Instructions

If length your Model 01 Original or Model 03 FoldAway is too great, it can be shortened. 

While the 01 can be shortened to any desired length, the length of the 03 can be shortened up to 5 1/2". The difference is due to the location of the elastic cord located in the stem of the 03.

The length of the 02 and 04 adjustable models are fixed and cannot be altered. Their height adjustment is located in the foot assembly. Simply press the button and extend the length from 34.5” to 36.75” in ¾” increments.

01 & 03 self-measurements for the “Walking Stick” position:
When selecting the ideal length, one should wear proper shoes and stand naturally with your hands to your side without looking down. Your ideal measurement is taken from the floor to the break or bend of your wrist. 1/8" is then added to this measurement. It is best to have another person take the measurement.

Measurements for the “Seat” position for all Flipsticks:
The seat height is variable to the angle on which the seat is placed. If the seat is too high, move the rubber tip back from your feet. If it is too low, move the rubber tip toward your feet. DO NOT sit on the Flipstick when in a vertical position. Stability becomes a problem.

When using the Flipstick you become a tripod. The leg of a tripod must be on an angle. 

If trimming your Flipstick to achieve a proper seat height is require, do so in small increments until you find your comfort level. 

The cutting of the Flipstick should be performed with a tubing cutter. A saw can also be used, make sure the cut you make is straight.

The overall length of your Model 01 Original or 03 FoldAway Flipstick is 34.5". Subtract your desired length from the 34.5 to find the amount you wish to remove. 

Remove the rubber tip by working it back and forth it will loosen and eventually come off. Make sure the plastic cap that fits in the end of the tube is also removed. This cap usually will come off with the rubber tip. 

With the rubber tip and plastic cap off, measure the amount you wish to shorten and make a mark, and cut the tube.

Replace the plastic cap and rubber tip assembly, and tap the cane on the floor to finish the assembly.

If you have a question, please telephone DeVersified Innovations 
1-888 355 5440.